Six Essentials Training Series - GEM Golf

The GEM “Six Essentials” training series has been created by Fraser and Steve to get you successfully using The GEM right out of the box.

Developed over hundreds of hours of 1-on-1 and group lessons with The GEM, each Essential prepares you for immediate changes to your swing.

Essentials #1 - Unboxing The GEM

What’s in the box and where to start with The GEM Swing Trainer.

Essentials #2 - Get to Grips with The GEM

Getting your grip sorted and working on initial alignment of The GEM Swing Trainer.

Essentials #3 - Most Golfers Do This - Don't!

The key trick to avoid one of the most common mistakes Golfers make.

Essentials #4 - Beating The GEM Wobble

Why The GEM Swing Trainer wobbles and how to use it as a feedback to loop to swing success.

Essentials #5 - The GEM's Basic Practice Routines

Getting the best from your GEM Swing Trainer with regular practice.

Essentials #6 - Hitting Balls With The GEM

Understand how and when you can hit golf balls with The GEM attached to your clubs.

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