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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about how to get the most out of The GEM.

Questions About The GEM

You may feel a wobble during the swing. This could be due to the club being too open or closed at the point of impact.  We recommend slowing your swing down whilst using The GEM.  Once you succeed in stopping the club from wobbling, the Gem has corrected your swing. The instructional video here provides a handy guide.

Never hit a golf ball with The GEM weighted ball on your club.  You can hit a golf ball with the Short Rod (GEM ROD 3) attached to your club - just not the weighted ball.

No, The GEM is not designed to work with your putter.   But, watch this space for a new GEM putting aid.  Coming soon.

The GEM has been designed for a full-size club and can be used by all ages. However, currently the connector may not fit a small junior grip. We are currently designing a connector for this that will be available in the future.

Unfortunately, at this time, the GEM does not fit onto Outsize or Jumbo grips. We are currently designing a connector for this that will be available in the future.

Yes!   The GEM has been designed with hooks and slices in mind.

No, The GEM is suitable for all genders of any ability and age.

Absolutely! The GEM was originally developed for inventor Fraser Mann's personal use to improve his short game. His belief that the club should be toe up on the backswing and then toe up on the follow through is accentuated in the short game.


The club face isn’t closed at any point on the takeaway and comes back to square at impact. This means that the chances of a ‘chunk’ are far less likely as the club isn’t in a position to dig into the ground before you strike the ball.


Use the shortest rod without the weight as a visual aid on a club you use from fifty yards. Do this regularly for a week and you will see a huge improvement in the consistency of strike.

The GEM works in equal measure with every club in your bag.

Yes. The GEM works as well for ‘cack handers’ as it does for right and left-handed golfers.

The GEM is an excellent tool for Senior players. It will help to increase the club head speed and encourage freedom of movement as well as aiding in weight transfer in the swing.

Yes, The GEM helps juniors to learn the essential movements of a swing from the start of their golfing journey. Having the opportunity to ‘feel’ the swing can be an incredibly valuable learning tool.

Yes.  The GEM helps to provide a strong foundation to your golf swing. It encourages rapid improvement in your play and gives you consistency from the get-go.

‘Toe Up’ refers to the position of the club in the back and front swings. For further information on this please check out our instructional videos on our Tutorials page.

The three rods provide varying levels of essential movement within the swing.

  • Rod 1 - the longest of the three, gives the strongest sensation and provides the greatest change in swing action and muscle memory. It is not to be used whilst hitting balls.
  • Rod 2 - the mid-sized of the three, provides a similar action to Rod 1. It has a subtler feel to it than Rod 1 and can be used with a full and faster swing. It is a great warm up tool before a round or a practice session. It is not to be used while hitting balls.
  • Rod 3 - the shortest rod can be used to hit balls. It has the subtlest feel of the three. It is used as a visual aid as you move through the key positions in your swing, these being waist height in the back swing, impact position with the ball and waist height position in the follow through.

The GEM encourages a neutral swing plane which helps both slicers and hookers reduce their misses.
Yes, absolutely you can still hit fades, draws, low and high flighted shots using the GEM as a foundation of your swing.

Questions About Shipping

Yes, you will receive an order confirmation email once you complete your order.  If you have any problems or questions, please contact [email protected].

Yes we do.  We ship everywhere.

Once we receive your order, our team hand-packs your GEM ready for shipping.  Please allow 1 to 3 business days for your order to process and ship.

Other Questions

We have a very strong affiliate program with our affiliates enjoying their own unique page within our website, allowing them to view and track every sale that comes through their affiliate link.

To apply to become a GEM affiliate, please visit our affiliate program page.

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