Fix Your Swing With The GEM Golf Swing Trainer

Fix Your Golf Swing In Minutes

Golf’s Essential Move
Commit to improving your golf swing

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How does it work?

Move the club like a pro. Learn how The GEM works by watching this short video introduction. You can also watch tutorials by clicking here.

Worldwide shipping available

What does The GEM do?

The GEM can be used anywhere. It can be used without a golf ball. It can be used to hit a golf ball. The key factor is by simply swinging The GEM it will give you the feel of Golf’s Essential Move.

Creates a correct wrist hinge

The first thing you will feel, is the club head moving into the ‘toe-up’ position at waist height in the backswing

Improves the initial key movement

By rotating the club correctly in the first part of the backswing, the wrists arms and shoulders will be in an ideal position to make a great swing

swing trainer golf
Encourages natural flow

The more you swing with The GEM attached, you will feel the natural transfers of weight from right foot to left side, ensuring a balanced follow through

how to fix a slice in golf
Eradicates Tension

Simply by swinging regularly with the GEM, you’ll begin to grip with less tension, allowing the club to move more naturally

best golf swing trainer
Improves your swing

By mastering the initial movement of the backswing, you will soon develop a consistent rounded swing

golf swing training aids
Unlocks Power

You will learn how to release the club head faster through the hitting area

golf grip trainer
Easy to fit onto any club

The GEM will fit onto any club, other than a putter

golf swing training aid
Fits into your pocket or bag

It is so easy to transport. Warm up by swinging 10-15 times with the GEM, then simply unscrew and start hitting

Can be used anywhere

Design to be used anywhere. Just make sure you have enough room to swing the club. Please supervise junior golfer

The GEM teaches you how to release the golf club in the swing, this is a very difficult thing to teach as a coach. The GEM is going to help so many golfers improve their game. It has been wonderful to see the transformation some of our playing friends have already made using The GEM!

7 time winner on the EU Senior and EU Tour

Worldwide shipping available

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Commit to improving your golf swing

Worldwide shipping available

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