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Fraser’s Philosophy


I have been a PGA qualified coach for over 40 years now and the first principle of my coaching philosophy is KEEP IT SIMPLE !

Good foundations in your game will make it easier to progress and develop your swing naturally.
I work through a proven checklist of Grip, Posture, Alignment and then move onto the swing itself.

I am a huge fan of and a great believer in the Ben Hogan teachings and often reference his “5 Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals Of Golf” to my pupils.

I have been fortunate to coach players of all levels from beginners to Major champions and I focus my lessons on the physical abilities and long term improvement targets of each player.

There is, of course, no one way to hit a golf ball beautifully.

Over the past 10-15 years a number of the top players have worked on getting the club face into a slightly “Closed” position (the leading edge of the club face parallel with the players spinal angle) when they get the club to waist height in the backswing.
One of the reasons for doing this is to stop the player from hooking the ball as it promotes a swing path that goes to the left of his target.
I absolutely respect this method I mean who can argue with the way Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and a whole host of top players swing a golf club but I believe it is important to remember that these are finely tuned professional athletes who are hitting thousand of balls a week and can use both their body power and skill to square up the club face at impact.

My simple belief is that the more a player “Closes” the club face in the backswing, especially in the first 3 feet they increase the likelihood of a “Slice” and hit the ball with the club face open.

I accept this isn’t everyone’s view but it is mine.

From my own personal experience of playing at a very high level my own game moved to a higher quality level when in 2002 I started moving the club head into a “Toe Up” position at waist height in the backswing.

This is the key movement in the backswing according to Hogan as you can then go onto make a full correct backswing which in turn will lead to much more consistent and higher quality shots.”

It was based on this philosophy that over a period of many years of trial and error I invented then developed The GEM which is promotes what I believe is GOLF’S ESSENTIAL MOVE

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