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Fix Your Golf Swing With the GEM Golf Swing Trainer

Fix Your Golf Swing with The GEM Golf Swing Trainer

Tired of slicing your golf shots? Looking for a way to improve your golf swing?  If so, you need The GEM golf swing trainer.

Golf is one of the most technically challenging sports out there and only hitting balls once or twice a week isn’t enough to see you make big improvements. 

One of the best investments you can make if you want to see a drop in your handicap is a golf swing aid.  Just a little bit of work can result in dramatic improvements to your golf game. 

The GEM training device helps golfers of all skill levels learn how to properly swing the club and make solid contact with the ball.

What is the GEM Golf Swing Aid?

The GEM Golf Swing Trainer is a small device that attaches to any golf club.  It works by providing instant feedback on your swing and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

This makes it the perfect swing aid for those days when you can’t make it to the driving range or for those times when you want to practice your swings at home.

How The GEM Golf Swing Trainer Works

So, how does the GEM Golf Swing Trainer help you fix your golf swing?

  • First, it helps you to develop a proper grip
  • Second,  the GEM forces you to visualise the correct position of the club head in the backswing
  • Third, the weight at the end of the attached shaft will give you the “feel” of how the hands release through the impact area
  • Fourth, the GEM helps you release the club head faster through the hitting area
  • Finally, it helps you to build muscle memory so that you can repeat the perfect golf swing over and over again.


When you use The GEM trainer with the weight attached, by holding the club with a light grip, the club naturally finds the classic “Toe Up Position “ in both the backswing and through swing.

What are the Results?

If used for 5 minutes every day, the next time you step onto the golf course your chances of hitting straight and true down the middle are greatly increased.

Time and again, The GEM has helped habitual slicers release earlier, allowing their shots to go “long left” instead of their usual “short right”.  After using The GEM, Golfers with big slices can “feel” the club head at impact turning over, allowing them to hit the ball longer and straighter. 

Here's What Some GEM Users Have to Say:


“I knew my problem was at the bottom of my swing but just couldn’t feel it.”

“It’s what I have been looking for to fix the dragging hands issue I have”

“I’m looking forward to getting “ the feel “ of hitting a consistent draw”

“Swinging it in the back yard feels great.”

“Started working with it already. The first few swings were wobbly when coming into impact but subsequently realised the ball weight was doing its job telling me something was not right. Now there is no wobble and release is exactly as you described.”



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