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The #1 Swing Trainer Recommended by PGA Pro Teachers

Just 10 Swings with The GEM Can 
Fix Your Golf Slice For Good

Want to eliminate the fear of slicing your tee shots, hit baby draws and double your greens in regulation?

Give This Revolutionary NEW Training Aid a Try and We Guarantee You’ll Have the Best Golf Swing of Your Life in 30 Days or LESS… Or Your Money Back!

"I have been a PGA qualified coach for over 40 years now and The GEM is the result of 14 years experimenting and perfecting a swing aid that encourages you to get the club into the 'Toe Up' position. I believe this is Golf's Essential Move and I'm delighted to introduce The GEM and be part of your golfing journey."
Fraser Mann GEM Golf Training Aid
Fraser Mann
Founder and Inventor

Baby Draws, Greater Distance

and Precision Accuracy

  Near Instant Results!

Our users are reporting IMMEDIATE improvements:

Here’s a FACT: a consistent swing is the key to golf

And if you struggle with a consistent swing, you’ll never truly control the ball… you’ll NEVER play excellent golf… or be able to TRULY enjoy this great game.

But here’s the great news… it doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner…

Or if you’ve been playing for 10, 20, or even 30 years …

All Your Swing Problems Can Be Fixed – FOR GOOD  In Just 10 Swings

The GEM Swing Trainer will immediately show you imbalances in your swing and forces you to adopt the perfect release pattern.

See What Our Customers Are Saying...

"It’s Made a Tremendous Difference"

“I've had mine a couple of weeks and its made a tremendous difference , I'm hitting nice little draw shots with my long clubs and the short game has never been so good, my confidence has returned.“

Paul Denwood --
"Best Round in Years…….This Device is Amazing"

“I used the GEM for past few months during practice. Brought to course today. Hit 12/14 fairways and shot 71, best round in years …. this device is amazing

LJ Foster --
"My Scores Are Consistently Lower"

“I bought my Gem. My game is completely different now. I use it every time I play and my scores are consistently lower. Absolutely love it!“

Huw Clarke --
"GEM is a Bargain Compared to Professional Lessons"

It is a wonderful sensation to really hit a proper golf swing and I am so happy. I have spent so much money on golf lessons this GEM is a bargain compared to professional lessons.

M. Pargie --

9 Reasons The GEM Will FIX YOUR SWING

Creates a correct wrist hinge

The first thing you will feel, is the club head moving into the ‘toe-up’ position at waist height in the backswing

Improves the initial key movement

By rotating the club correctly in the first part of the backswing, the wrists arms and shoulders will be in an ideal position to make a great swing

Encourages natural flow

The more you swing with The GEM attached, you will feel the natural transfers of weight from right foot to left side, ensuring a balanced follow through

Eradicates Tension

Simply by swinging regularly with the GEM, you’ll begin to grip with less tension, allowing the club to move more naturally

Improves your swing

By mastering the initial movement of the backswing, you will soon develop a consistent rounded swing

Unlocks Power

You will learn how to release the club head faster through the hitting area

Easy to fit onto any club

The GEM will fit onto any club, other than a putter

Fits into your pocket or bag

It is so easy to transport. Warm up by swinging 10-15 times with the GEM, then simply unscrew and start hitting

Can be used anywhere

Design to be used anywhere. Just make sure you have enough room to swing the club. Please supervise junior golfer

Just Some of the Improvements You'll See with The GEM:

It forces your body to adopt the perfect wrist hinge that results in a pure, consistent swing every time, which means more shots in regulation

It builds muscle memory of the perfect release pattern, that gets stronger and more consistent with every time you swing

It provides strong instant feedback, up to 5 times more effective than relying on video swing analysis tools

It can be used at home, at the range or before every round – like having a Pro give instant feedback before every shot

It works for drives, irons and wedges, so you’ll see dramatic improvements across your entire golf game 

The endless consistency of your swings will result in towering confidence in every club in your bag

“The GEM teaches you how to release the golf club in the swing -this is a very difficult thing to teach as a coach.

The GEM is going to help so many golfers improve their game..

It has been wonderful to see the transformation some of our playing friends have already made using The GEM!”

DJ Russell
7 Time European Tour Winner

Order your GEM today and received these special bonuses:

Access to GEM Golf's "Six Essentials" Training Series with Fraser Mann, creator of The GEM and Leading PGA Professional Steve Johnson

(a $57 Value – Free with Your Purchase of The GEM)

GEM Golf's "Six Essentials" training series has been created by Fraser and Steve to get you successfully using The GEM right out of the box. Developed over hundreds of hours of 1-on-1 and group lessons with The GEM, each Essential prepares you for immediate changes to your swing. And immediate results.

Steve is a huge fan of The GEM. He uses it everyday himself and with his students and has been kind enough to film The “Six Essentials” training series for you.

NOTE: This training series is included free with every GEM purchase (Value – $57)

Get The GEM and the Six Essentials Training Series TODAY!

The GEM - The Number 1 Golf Aid to FIX YOUR SWING

The GEM has already helped hundreds of golfers improve their swing.

We've received hundreds of emails, comments and videos from delighted golfers who are now enjoying a slice-free golf game.

Buy The GEM today, access The Six Essentials Training Series and we GUARANTEE you'll be delighted with the improvements in your game. If not, we'll give you a full and prompt refund.

And it won’t just be a fluke… you’ll hit shot after shot…. Perfectly with a baby draw … over and over with impressive consistency…

The GEM is the key to adding 20-30 more yards off the tee and consistently hitting fairways and greens. Searching for lost balls in the rough will be a thing of the past.

GEM Golf's No Hassle 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee To You: We are 100% confident you're going to love The GEM's dramatic improvement to your golf swing. We are so confident, that we are taking all the risk away from you.

There is ZERO risk in trying The GEM today. You either love it and keep it, or contact us within 30 days and ask for a full refund. No hassle; no questions asked.

“Telling Me Something Was Not Right”

“The first few swings were wobbly but realised the ball weight was doing its job telling me something was not right. Now there is no wobble and release is exactly as you described.”

Paul Langstaff --
"The Best Training Aid I Have Ever Had"

“Seriously the best training aid I have ever had and the only one that has ever truly impacted my game

Marty DeLay --


You may feel a wobble during the swing. This could be due to the club being too open or closed at the point of impact.  We recommend slowing your swing down whilst using The GEM.  Once you succeed in stopping the club from wobbling, the Gem has corrected your swing. The instructional video here provides a handy guide.

Never hit a golf ball with The GEM weighted ball on your club.  You can hit a golf ball with the Short Rod (GEM ROD 3) attached to your club - just not the weighted ball.

No, The GEM is not designed to work with your putter.   But, watch this space for a new GEM putting aid.  Coming soon.

The GEM has been designed for a full-size club and can be used by all ages. However, currently the connector may not fit a small junior grip. We are currently designing a connector for this that will be available in the future.

Unfortunately, at this time, the GEM does not fit onto Outsize or Jumbo grips. We are currently designing a connector for this that will be available in the future.

Yes!   The GEM has been designed with hooks and slices in mind.

No, The GEM is suitable for all genders of any ability and age.

Absolutely! The GEM was originally developed for inventor Fraser Mann's personal use to improve his short game. His belief that the club should be toe up on the backswing and then toe up on the follow through is accentuated in the short game.


The club face isn’t closed at any point on the takeaway and comes back to square at impact. This means that the chances of a ‘chunk’ are far less likely as the club isn’t in a position to dig into the ground before you strike the ball.


Use the shortest rod without the weight as a visual aid on a club you use from fifty yards. Do this regularly for a week and you will see a huge improvement in the consistency of strike.

The GEM works in equal measure with every club in your bag.

Yes. The GEM works as well for ‘cack handers’ as it does for right and left-handed golfers.

The GEM is an excellent tool for Senior players. It will help to increase the club head speed and encourage freedom of movement as well as aiding in weight transfer in the swing.

Yes, The GEM helps juniors to learn the essential movements of a swing from the start of their golfing journey. Having the opportunity to ‘feel’ the swing can be an incredibly valuable learning tool.

Yes.  The GEM helps to provide a strong foundation to your golf swing. It encourages rapid improvement in your play and gives you consistency from the get-go.

‘Toe Up’ refers to the position of the club in the back and front swings. For further information on this please check out our instructional videos on our Tutorials page.

The three rods provide varying levels of essential movement within the swing.

  • Rod 1 - the longest of the three, gives the strongest sensation and provides the greatest change in swing action and muscle memory. It is not to be used whilst hitting balls.
  • Rod 2 - the mid-sized of the three, provides a similar action to Rod 1. It has a subtler feel to it than Rod 1 and can be used with a full and faster swing. It is a great warm up tool before a round or a practice session. It is not to be used while hitting balls.
  • Rod 3 - the shortest rod can be used to hit balls. It has the subtlest feel of the three. It is used as a visual aid as you move through the key positions in your swing, these being waist height in the back swing, impact position with the ball and waist height position in the follow through.

Yes, you will receive an order confirmation email once you complete your order.  If you have any problems or questions, please contact [email protected].

Yes we do.  We ship everywhere.

Once we receive your order, our team hand-packs your GEM ready for shipping.  Please allow 1 to 3 business days for your order to process and ship.

Ready to fix your golf swing for good?

Take the stress out of ball striking PERMANENTLY.

No more worrying about slicing the ball,  Let The GEM fix your golf swing – once and for all. This revolutionary device has transformed hundreds of golfers into consistent, confident players.

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