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Hear from one of GEM’s founders, John Colquhoun…

With over 530 professional appearances, a goal in the Scottish Cup Final and caps for his country, ‘JC7’ is no stranger to the world of sport. However, it’s now golf that is getting his attention…

We sat down with him to discuss his involvement in the game’s hottest new training aid, The GEM.

“Why am I involved with The GEM Golf training aid?

The answer is very simple – I love golf and want to enjoy it more.

“With the passage of time, the lockdowns seem to have had few benefits, but we were luckier than most as during the second one we were at least allowed to play golf. I am lucky enough to play with some decent golfers and I had a game with Fraser Mann, a Scottish PGA professional who has won more than 80 events, including the Scottish and British PGA Championships. We had just finished a game in which he had comfortably beaten me, (not surprising as I was playing off 6.4 and was only getting four shots – but there has to be a price for an education, doesn’t there?) As I handed over his easily earned winnings, he said he had something that would get rid of my slice in five minutes.

The Dreaded Slice

“Let me explain about my slice. It was brutally damaging, especially where I play most of my golf – in the glorious county of East Lothian in Scotland, a real golfer’s paradise! But we do have wind here, in fact we have strong winds here, (actually we call a day with gusts of only 35mph, Saturday!) These winds and my slice were a very unhappy marriage, it made Amber Heard and Johnny Depp look blissful. For example, at the wonderful West Links at North Berwick my second shot on the first and second holes were regularly played from the beach and on the third hole my second shot was irrelevant as I was likely playing three off the tee.

“As anyone who knows me well is aware, I am only cynical when I am awake, so Fraser’s claim to be able to fix my slice in five minutes was met with the same ridicule I reserve for an advertisement for a diet that will make me lose a stone in seven days. However, like the aforementioned diet, I am always willing to give it a go.”

“Off we went to the range where Fraser added this lovely industrial looking attachment to my 7 iron and told me to take 10 swings. I obeyed then put down my club, reached for my 6 iron and took a swing. NO GRIP CHANGE. NO ALIGNMENT CHANGE. NO BALL POSITION CHANGE. But BOOM! First swing so far left it was waving to Jeremy Corbyn on the way past. Never hit a ball left in my life. Next swing – a beautiful buttery right to left draw cutting gorgeously through the grey Scottish skyline. The next shot, right to left until eventually the new swing wrestled the habits of a lifetime from my mind and body and the shout of FORE RIGHT escaped from my lips once more.

I turned around to a rather (very) smug looking Fraser Mann and uttered the words most golfers know when they see even a tiny improvement “I need one of these”.



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