Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – New Player Guide with Cheats

Below you will find plenty of tricks, tips and star wars galaxy of heroes cheats for Android and iOS. Since this game is a game that is Free2Play, it is sensible to get some tips to progress as fast and good as you possibly can. This guide is for advanced players, which could perhaps learn something new but also for new players.

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Do your Daily Tasks
All these will be the main things to concentrate on in the game. This can be the method that you are going to create the most xp for your account amount. You will also earn lots of crystals and training droids . You will see me mention “dailies” through the entire guide, and this can be precisely what I am referring to.

Your list of dailies are available by clicking the green “Daily Tasks” button in the low right corner of your primary screen. It is critical in the event you would like to keep up in the game that you simply finish all of these every day. Plus it actually does not take quite long to do it.

It is advised as it gives you 20 sim tickets which can be utilized to immediately complete any conflict you have reached 3 stars on which you do thetrain a heroone first. That one can be completed by you by giving as very little as just one grade one training droid to a non-maximum level character.

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