Reason for the success of Tiger Balm

tiger balm is a well-known natural topical treatment of pain. It is widely used across USA and Asian countries. It is a well-known brand in the market of pain relieving medicines. It was founded in china famous botanist Aw Chu Kin in 1870’s. it is more than 100-year-old. Nowadays Haw Par Corporation is responsible for promoting the brand. Number of people who got relief in their joint or muscle pain by using Tiger Balm is countless.

Over 100 years, the balm is known as an effective treatment for various joint as well as muscular pains. The balm is 100 percent natural and hence there are no hidden side effects. The main ingredients of balm are extracts from various herbs and plant extracts. Besides relieving joint pains, it helps in curing headaches also. The company claims that the rate of customer conversion is 80%, this means that if 10 people use the Balm, then 8 will surely come back and repurchase it. This shows the confidence company has in its product. In fact, in earlier days, employee used to roam around in carts and used to convince people to use the balm. After the usage people use to give their opinion, company took these feedback seriously and always worked towards improving of the product. People accepted the product whole heartedly as it was one stop solution for all kinds of body pains.
Word of mouth was another reason for the success of the brand. The company always believed in the loyalty of the customer. Most of the users of the product are from older generation, who are using this balm since very long. Company always believed in keeping customer first. As a result, they spend a lot in the R &D and keep on coming with new concepts like heat patches, shoulder rubs, etc.
In this generation of pills and injections, Tiger Balm is a natural treatment for most of joints and muscle pains

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