Purchase a Brand New Condo From a Developer

Are you really considering buying a completely new Clementi Condo from a developer? Whether you’re buying a brand new condominium for yourself or an investor, your first step ought to be to hire a realtor act as your Purchaser’s Broker and to help you in getting through the procedure.

A lot of people walk right into a programmer’s showroom and sign on the dotted line without understanding things like… what upgrades and incentives may be negotiated… what completes and characteristics will the condominium truly have… what happens when I decide to lease or sell the condominium before it’s ended… what’ll the closing prices be… and so a number of other fine elements and crucial legal problems.

RECALL: The salespeople in the showroom work in THE PROGRAMMER’S best interests and NOT yours! Their legal duty IS to the Programmer. Be smart and protect yourself!

Generally in most areas, hiring a property agent will not really cost you a cent as the Programmer pays brokers fee to bring capable buyers to them. One of the greatest myths related to Buyer Agents is the fact that buyers could possibly get a much better cost without an agent. That is seldom, if ever, the situation. The cost you pay for a unit in the showroom will probably be the same should you be buying the unit with or without representation (and without representation, you happen to be missing out on a number of other negotiable things besides unit price).

Most of new Clementi Condo Developers support and want the job of Buyer Brokers to get rid of the obligation of representing both parties throughout the trade and also to drive traffic through the website.

Additionally, many realtors get access to unique VIP pricing BEFORE jobs are released to the general public. Generally, if you purchase a condominium without an agent and can walk right into a showroom, you’re already late. 2 or 3 times have improved and all the best units have now been sold. Purchasing in this marketplace demands extensive knowledge of website specific advice, locations, and the marketplace states.

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