Nintendo 3ds emulator for playing Nintendo games on your PC

Nintendo 3ds is a portable handheld device for playing 3-D immersive games without the use of any 3-D glasses or any such additional accessories. With the increasing popularity of Nintendo 3ds games, 3ds emulators have come into the market which allows you to emulate the Nintendo environment on your PC and enables you to play those games on your PC. The Nintendo 3ds has many features like backward compatibility with older versions of the Nintendo consoles and offers many new features like SpotPass and StreetPass, augmented reality games, and 3-D visualization games. So its emulator is increasing in popularity with each passing day.

Why are the 3ds emulators so popular?
The nintendo 3ds emulator is one of the most popular software’s for gamers who wants to play the Nintendo games on their PC. These emulators create a platform similar to the Nintendo consoles so that the Nintendo roms will be able to run on PC and create somewhat similar visual effects and sound reproduction akin to the Nintendo consoles. Lots of emulators are available online, but only a few works.

Most of the emulators are designedfor several open source engines from the leading standalone emulators. Some of them can even run online and allow playing the Nintendo games over the net with other players. Multiple plug-INS is also available which of the ability to emulate a link between multiple devices and allow online gaming against other players globally.

The biggest attraction of using Nintendo emulators for gaming
With the rise of the 3ds emulator, many previous unplayable games on the Nintendo consoles are now available to play by gamers all over the world. Mainly the Pokémon games for which Nintendo is so famous is a craze among all emulator users.

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