Existence of God – A Philosophical Argument

The question of existence of God is intriguing when our views are challenged or when we come across evidence that does not conform to our pre-existing beliefs. There are two groups of arguments. The theistic conclusion is that there is adequate reason and evidence for the existence of god, whereas the atheistic conclusion arguments that there is insufficient evidence and reason to believe the existence of God. This is an age old debate and still ongoing. One hand, there are gaps in science that fail to explain all the phenomenon. On the other hand, there is insufficient evidence to prove existence.

Arguments against the existence

The philosophical criticisms that refute the existence include existence of evil, the presence of pain, disease, and natural disasters in the world, various Gods based on the religion, invisibility of God, and presence of injustice. In addition, ongoing research in science continues provide evidence against existence, such as creation and evolution of life, formation of universe, existence of another universe. However, the questions still remain that lead to the argument for existence.

Arguments for the existence

Science neither approve or disprove the existence of God. Empirical arguments for the existence of God include the beauty of how things are arranged and inability to explain human consciousness by the physical mechanisms of the body and brain. Deductive arguments propose that existence of God is self-evident and inductive arguments focus on obscure themes that remain where an act of faith is required to remove these problems. In Christianity, it is believed that God is the designer of life, the resurrected Christ, and the savior of Christians. Christians believe God to be superior and immanent. The Bible provides encouraging scriptures and is a source of inspiration and guide to daily living. Further, Bible Images provides spiritual insight and understanding about the purpose of life and hope for future life.

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