EBay Suspended Accounts and How it Can Be Avoided

Among the most unforeseen downsides to being a successful seller on eBay is the danger of all of a sudden being ebay account suspended and exhibited together with the message “Not a Registered User”. Any possible buyer or preceding buyers could see this message from big alarming letters, to make it worse recent buyers and really sellers you could have had a dealing or trade with, could get an equally stressing email that your account was frozen, and not to complete any transactions with you.

Unfortunately if you’re in the practice of dispatching a product, and the buyer has already paid for this, on seeing such a message, most buyers could automatically do a chargeback about the trade, particularly when they paid through eBay’s payment method Paypal.
It is not important whether the chargeback happens after the item was delivered, many sellers have been majorly influenced with the consequences of having their own ebay account suspended, even though the motives maybe entirely innocent, like a delay in paying some outstanding eBay fees or clarification which things being sold weren’t imitation, or not exceeding any organization’s copyright.
Taking a look at the opinions of several electricity vendors it’s no denying that they construct confidence immediately, they’ve been buying and selling on eBay for this a very long time that they understand how to steer clear of account termination. Among the secrets and really understated manners any seller or buyer could be protected from getting their eBay accounts, particularly selling rights stopped (when an eBay account vendor or purchaser receives a specific amount of negative comments on a brief time period, eBay in its sole discretion could set that consideration on hold, and because eBay sellers cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer, odds of offending a couple of disgruntled buyers can quickly result in the situation) is by having two distinct accounts for sale and purchasing. EBay allows sellers to have one account for selling and a different account for purchasing, that way there’ll not be any mistake or negative comments crossing over from sellers or buyers which may hamper their opinions profile.


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