Bitcoin online casinos: A new gaming zone for gamblers

With advancement in technology, concept of gaming online also became very popular. Then a stage came when player started playing online with real money. Further development and advancement in digitalization has resulted in launching of new currency (year2009) Bitcoin. Bitcoin can also be referred as digital cash. There are various online sites where player can play Bitcoin games. In a bitcoin game player uses Bitcoin as his currency in place of traditional currencies. Popularity of Bitcoin has also opened new gates for gamblers in form of Bitcoin Casino. As the name suggest these sites deals in Bitcoin casino games.

Nowadays number of online casinos has started dealing only in Bitcoin and others sites which still uses traditional currencies as their transacting currencies have started giving option of Bitcoin as additional currency. This means a gambler can use either of these for making transactions. These online Bitcoin casinos provide various gaming options for gambler on which a gambler can bet his Bitcoin. A gambler can make a bet on any of the following:
• Gambling games
• Bitcoin casino games
• Online lotteries
• Spread bettings
• Sports based bettings.

A gambler can enjoy various benefits from using Bitcoin as their transaction currency. This includes Anonymity benefit: Dealing in Bitcoin help an individual to keep his identity anonymous. This means a gambler can gamble that too without letting anyone know about it.
Fast transaction: Bitcoin transactions are faster as compare to transactions through traditional currencies.
Low transaction fee: Paying processing fee is always painful for winner. The transaction fee for Bitcoin is very less as compare to the fee involved in case of traditional methods (bank transfer/ credit card).
Security: One of the major benefits of using Bitcoin for online gambling is that this currency is much secure as compare to other traditional modes. Bitcoin is a digital currency, which means it’s a currency mind the digital risks.

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